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Some of Our Clients

Our clients give our pens to happy people worldwide


​​“Exceeded my expectations. Wow!  [Your] company was recommended - word of mouth. Great company, friendly service and the final product exceed expectations. Very professional, friendly service and a great product!”

Corporate Client

Health Sector


“Expectations fully met. I was totally satisfied with my order and will likely be ordering again. I was impressed with the variety and originality of pens available...the great service I received and of the workmanship of your pens. I would suggest a visit to your website to view the variety of pens available. Keep doing what you are doing. Great personalized service!”

Federal Government Client

Official Gifts, Government of Canada

“I would highly recommend Turned Leaf Pens for skill and creativity in designing and producing unique beautiful pens. The pens that were created for the Royal College were unique in terms of design and size and demonstrated the skill and creativity of the artist. The recipients of these pens truly appreciated the beauty of the pens and the knowledge that the pen was a piece of Canadiana.   The ability of the artist to understand the context of the purchaser of the pens and to incorporate this into the pens is a reflection of the craftsmanship of the artist."       

Margaret Kennedy, Assistant Director, Accreditation and Liaison

Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada


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