Clean and Simple

Each pen showcases the natural beauty of one unique wood section. Simple, elegant, and very affordable.

Click on an image below for larger photo and details. Prices range from $40-$80 per pen. 

CS5        $100
CS5 $100

Ancient Bog Oak, Came from a farm in Galway, Ireland. up to 5000 yrs old

CS4  Pencil     $50
CS4 Pencil $50

Maple Burl Pencil

CS3   $70
CS3 $70

Stabilized Spalted Maple Burl

CS2  $70
CS2 $70

Stabilized Spalted Maple Burl

CS1    $50
CS1 $50

Thuya Burl

G6213  Sold
G6213 Sold

Thuya Burl Price Sold Sale $40

H6109 SOLD
H6109 SOLD

Maple Burl and Brass insert $80 Sale $64

G6223  Sold
G6223 Sold

Amboyna Burl Price $50

G6214    Sold
G6214 Sold

Thuya Burl Price $60


Spalted Maple $80 Sold