Handsome Fellas

These beauties were made for signing big business deals. Each pen is unique, handcrafted from fine exotic and native burls. Perfect for those who prefer some weight to their pen.  Feels good just knowing it's in your pocket.


Click an image below for full picture and details. Prices range from $80-$225 per pen.

HF18     $100
HF18 $100

Pacific Yew, Holly and Dymondwood

HF15    $180
HF15 $180

Cocobolo, Holly, Yew, Yellow cedar Burl and Spalted Maple Burl Titanium and Chrome Fittings

HF16   $160
HF16 $160

Golden Amboyna Burl and Pau Amerillo Titanium and Chrome fittings

HF 17    $140
HF 17 $140

Thuya Burl and Piquia Amerillo Gun Metal and Gold fittings

HF1  $140
HF1 $140

Pacific Yew, Holly and Dymondwood Titanium and chrome fittings

EX7  $160
EX7 $160

Buckeye Burl, Holly, Ebony and Dymondwood

EX4  $180
EX4 $180

Cocobolo, Ebony and Holly

SMA 12    $80
SMA 12 $80

Stabilized Spalted Maple Burl

EX5     $140
EX5 $140

Spalted Maple burl, Buckeye burl, Holly and Ebony


Briar Burl and Holly. Titanium and platinum plated fitting. Price $180 Sold

HF12    $100
HF12 $100

Pacific Yew, Holly and Dymondwood

HF13   $180
HF13 $180

Amboyna Burl, Buckeye Burl, Paduk and Piquia Amerillo. Titanium and Platinum plated fitting.