The Crossword Series 

Each pen is made using over 120 joins in hand-picked exotic woods and native burls. Use to spark conversations...or conquer the New York Times crossword.

Click an image below to see full pictures and descriptions. Price $180 per pen. 

CW20   $120
CW20 $120

Maple Burl, Dyed Box Elder and Bocote

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CW19   $120
CW19 $120

Bocote, Pink Ivory and Cocobolo

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CW18    $120
CW18 $120

African Blackwood, Piquia Amerillo and Ebony

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CW17     $160
CW17 $160

Cocobolo, Cherry and Holly

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CW15  Pencil  $140
CW15 Pencil $140

Buckeye Burl, Holly and Ebony

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CW 2    $160
CW 2 $160

Maple Burl,Holly, Purpleheart,Rosewood and Apple

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CW12  $160
CW12 $160

Rosewood, Maple burl and Holly

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CW14          $160
CW14 $160

Ebony,Maple and Apple wood

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CW 10       $160
CW 10 $160

Buckeye Burl, Maple and Applewood

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CW 11       $160
CW 11 $160

Buckeye burl, Holly, Apple, Maple and Ebony

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CW 4       $160
CW 4 $160

Cocobolo,Bocote,Holly, Apple and Maple $160

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CW5  $160
CW5 $160

Brazilian Purpleheart, Cocobolo and Holly $160

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