Bravo! Collection

These beauties were designed to showcase accomplishment. Each pen is unique, handcrafted from fine exotic woods and native burls. Perfect for gifts of reward and recognition. 

Click an image below for full picture and details. Price $150-175 per pen.


Eucalyptus, Ebony, Maple Burl and Thuya Burl

B107     $100
B107 $100

Holly and Brazilian Purpleheart

B106 Pencil   $100
B106 Pencil $100

Pacific Yew, Holly and Dymondwood

B105    $120
B105 $120

Golden Amboyna Burl, Holly and Ebony

B104    $120
B104 $120

Stabilized Spalted Maple Burl and Yellow Cedar Burl

B103      $140
B103 $140

Buckeye Burl, Holly and Ebony

B102     $140
B102 $140

Yew,Holly,Purpleheart and Piquia Amerillo

B101    $140
B101 $140

Holly, Bocote and Purpleheart


Walnut, Brazilian Purpleheart, Zebrano and Ebony Price $175 Sold

B6097    $140
B6097 $140

Thuya Burl, Ebony,Paduk,Buckeye Burl and Holly


Kingwood, Ebony, Buckeye Burl and Yew Price $150 Sale $120